EEOC-Initiated Litigation - 2023 Edition

8 | EEOC-INITIATED LITIGATION: 2023 EDITION ©2023 Seyfarth Shaw LLP However, when adjusted to account for state population, the Southeast region of the country lead the way in terms of EEOC charge filings per capita. As demonstrated by the map graphic below, in FY 2021, Arkansas and Mississippi both saw over 3.5 EEOC charges filed for every 10,000 people living in the state. Other popular states in this per-capita category include Alabama, Tennessee, and Nevada. In terms of the types of charges filed with the EEOC, retaliation is consistently the most common allegation, outpacing the next most popular category (typically race discrimination) by at least 10,000 charges per year. Following with that trend, retaliation claims accounted for approximately 24% of all charges filed in FY 2021. The next most popular charge types in FY 2021 were disability discrimination, harassment, and race discrimination. Top 10 States in EEOC Charges Received Relative to State Population FY 2021 CHARGES RECEIVED PER 10,000 POPULATION ■ Arkansas: 3.65 ■ Mississippi: 3.54 ■ Alabama: 3.27 ■ Tennessee: 3.21 ■ Nevada: 3.16 ■ Georgia: 3.08 ■ Pennsylvania: 3.03 ■ Maryland: 2.91 ■ Illinois: 2.84 ■ North Carolina: 2.79 WA AK HI MT WY CO UT AZ NM TX LA AR MS AL TN FL GA NE KS OK MO IL WI MI OH IN KY VA WV PA NY VT NH CT ME MA MN IA SD ND SC NC ID NV CA OR DC MD DE NJ RI 2022 state population data courtesy of