EEOC-Initiated Litigation - 2023 Edition

Table of Contents IV
PART I: Current Trends in EEOC Enforcement 1
A. A Year Of Shifting Leadership; A New Democratic Regime On The Horizon 1
B. Changes Made; Changes Continue To Be Reversed 1
C. Demystifying EEOC Determination, Conciliation & Litigation Timeline 3
D. Trends In EEOC Federal Court Filings In FY 2022 5
E. EEOC Charge Data Analysis 7
F. EEOC District Office Profiles 12
PART II: EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Priorities 27
A. The EEOC’s Strategic Enforcement Plan 27
1. Background 27
2. FY 2022 Strategic Enforcement Priorities 28
B. A Developing Conflict Between Religious And LGBTQI+ Rights After Bostock 32
C. Ensuring Equal Pay Protections For All Workers 37
D. Preventing Discrimination In Recruitment And Hiring 40
1. Recent Judicial Decisions Involving Discrimination Resulting From Pre-Employment Screening Tests 40
2. Preventing Disability Discrimination In Recruitment And Hiring 44
a. EEOC’s Guidance On Preventing AI- And Technology-Related Disability Discrimination 44
b. EEOC Pursues An Anomalous ADA Title V Claim 45
E. Preventing Harassment In The Workplace 47
Seyfarth’s Complex Litigation Resources 51