EEOC-Initiated Litigation - 2023 Edition

©2023 Seyfarth Shaw LLP EEOC-INITIATED LITIGATION: 2023 EDITION | 11 Finally, the map graphic below highlights the top 10 states in terms of the amount of Title VII sexual harassment charges received during FY 2021. Similar to the state-by-state breakdown of overall charge filings on pg. 7, Texas was also the leader in sexual harassment charges received in FY 2021. After Texas, the next most popular filing locations for sexual harassment charges were Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New York. Interestingly, the only state represented in the graphic below that was not also in the top 10 states for overall charges received is Missouri. Top 10 States in EEOC Sexual Harassment Charges Received FY 2021 SEXUAL HARASSMENT CHARGES RECEIVED BY STATE ■ Texas: 596 ■ Florida: 501 ■ Georgia: 342 ■ Pennsylvania: 323 ■ New York: 307 ■ Illinois: 277 ■ California: 272 ■ Missouri: 229 ■ North Carolina: 216 ■ Tennessee: 208 WA AK HI MT WY CO UT AZ NM TX LA AR MS AL TN FL GA NE KS OK MO IL WI MI OH IN KY VA WV PA NY VT NH CT ME MA MN IA SD ND SC NC ID NV CA OR DC MD DE NJ RI